Best Buy 20 Days Deals, December 14th

Best Buy 20 Days Deals, December 14th

Best Buy 20 Days Deals, December 14th

Today is a good day for laptop deals at Best Buy

Updated: December 14, 2022 11:50am

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Let’s go back to more of these Best Buy 20 day deals. Even if you haven’t found anything that catches your eye at the event so far, you can’t deny the sheer quality of the discounts on display.

While we championed the variety of technology showcased each day, today is going to be a great day for anyone looking for a brand new laptop to carry them into the coming year. There are a couple of great touch screen laptop deals to show off, as well as a powerful gaming laptop to consider during December 14th.

It’s also worth returning to our previous articles, as many products continue to see a discounted price, even beyond their 24 hours of spotlight.

Let’s get right into the offers. Here are the top 3 we’re showcasing today, but that’s not to say they aren’t even more to be enjoyed at Best Buy. Any of these hookups will put you on the road to big December savings, just in time for Christmas.

Today we’re placing these Best Buy deals in order of price, from lowest to highest.


Editors Choice

Save $800

Samsung S95B 65″ QD-OLED TV

Samsung introduces the latest QD-OLED TV technology in the S95B, delivering outstanding color accuracy, brightness and contrast. In addition to these features, the S95B also features a 120Hz refresh rate, near-instantaneous response time, and multiple HDMI 2.1 ports, making it the perfect choice for entertainment and gaming scenarios.

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Best Buy offer for Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

Anyone looking to get a great laptop deal can check out this impressive Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ which is seeing a sizable $580 price cut. This is an impressive laptop, with a QHD 2736 x 1824 screen resolution, perfect for productivity and superior visual clarity.

Works great as a nice lightweight option for traveling. With the power of an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory to back it up, you won’t have many issues to worry about. The detachable design makes it an extremely popular 2-in-1 laptop/tablet.

Best offer for Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

Next up is something like this, another laptop that can be converted into a top of the line tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 offers superior Intel i7 performance, with 16GB of RAM for an effortlessly smooth experience. This model comes with a 1TB SSD, plenty of storage without slowing you down.

Another detail to add is the impressive AMOLED screen. Coming in at 15.6″, you can experience cinematic viewing with enhanced vibrancy, in or out of direct sunlight. It’s as thin as a smartphone, making it another great lightweight option.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Best Buy deal

Last, but definitely not least, is the super-powerful ASUS ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop. There are some seriously powerful specs packed into this laptop. Starting with the 120Hz screen, which ensures smooth gameplay in line with the high framerates offered by this laptop.

This is an AMD build, with a fast Ryzen 9 6000-series CPU. Pair that with RX 6700S graphics and you’re in for smooth, modern gaming. You also get a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for a good amount of space for your favorite games at lightning-fast read/write speeds.

Why Should You Consider These Best Buy 20 Day Deals?

For a variety of technology, there are few better places than Best Buy. With the amount of money we’re seeing cut from these products, that should give you plenty of reasons to consider these 20 Day Deals. While we’ve focused on laptops today, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot more variety tomorrow.

Anyone looking to invest in a brand new laptop should be excited to see Best Buy making these deals right now. The holiday season has proved to be one of the best times to acquire new technology, as 2022 is drawing to a close.

How long will these Best Buy offers last?

While these individual offers last for 24 hours, we still see the same products seeing a discount (albeit a minor one) even after the day is over. We advise you to act quickly if you want to get the most bang for your buck, of course!

The Best Buy website advertises that these deals will be live every single day until December 18th. So, we still have a few days left if you’re waiting for something special to show up. Go to the deals via the links above to learn more about this sales event.

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