Corsair Xeneon Flex pre-order and price

Corsair Xeneon Flex pre-order and price

Corsair Xeneon Flex pre-order and price

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Updated: December 14, 2022 3:47 pm

Corsair Xeneon Flex pre-order and price

The highly anticipated Corsair Xeneon Flex is finally ready for pre-order on Corsair. Coined as the world’s first foldable OLED gaming monitor, the Flex is arguably one of the best gaming monitors of the year ahead, featuring all the higher specs you need for a great viewing experience.

PRE-ORDER Corsair Xeneon Flex

The Corsair Xeneon Flex will retail from Corsair for $1,999, making it excellent value for money. It will go toe-to-toe with some of the best OLED gaming monitors on the market, including Alienware’s new AW3423DW and ASUS’ PG42UQ.

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Corsair Xeneon Flex pre-order

Unfortunately, there will be no deal on the Christmas launch of this monitor. That said, priced at $1,999, the Xeneon Flex OLED monitor still shows great value for money.


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As of this writing, it’s unclear when the Corsair Xeneon Flex will be available for pre-order at larger retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and others.

That said, we will be treating this page as your one stop shop for all things ‘Flex’, updating it regularly with all the latest news and arrivals.

Is Corsair Xeneon Flex Worth Launching?

The Corsair Xeneon Flex is being ranked as one of the best gaming monitors in 2023, which means stock levels could be problematic at launch.

That said, if you’re lucky enough to pre-order this panel, you’ll be treated to stunning color, fast response, and a pretty decent refresh rate too.

That’s right, you’re getting a complete package with this monitor, ticking many of the boxes desired by entertainment enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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If you’re not completely convinced by the Corsair Xeneon Flex, you’ll be happy to hear that a ton of gaming monitors are currently on offer, many revolving around Samsung’s wildly popular Odyssey range.

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