Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remasters Probably Coming To Switch, PS4

Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remasters Probably Coming To Switch, PS4

Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remasters Probably Coming To Switch, PS4

A Nintendo Switch shows an airship flying over the Gurgu volcano in the first Final Fantasy.

Image: Nintendo / Square Enix / Yoshitaka Amano / Kotaku

New ESRB ratings for Final Fantasy I through YOU strongly suggests that Square Enix is ​​bringing its Pixel Remaster line of classic Final Fantasy remakes to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

That word comes thanks to eagle-eyed fans who noticed the updated ESRB ratings for the six games on the industry rating organization’s website. While the six Pixel Remaster games were previously only listed for “Windows PC,” fans noted the addition of the PlayStation 4 and Switch designations. New platforms have since taken a hit, but Wario64, the internet angel in the outfield, screenshots of game listings before they were removed.

Kotaku has reached out to Square Enix for comment.

For the curious, Final fantasy is classified E, Final Fantasy II-IV are rated E10+, e Final Fantasy V And YOU they are rated T for Teen. The rating updates to the six titles come at an auspicious time considering the series will be celebrating its own 35th anniversary next Sunday, December 18th. Is it just me or is that 35th website looking a bit sparse right now? There seems to be plenty of room for a few more announcements.

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The Pixel Remaster series dates back to last year when the line of six remakes was announced and then released for PC and mobile platforms. Unlike many classic re-releases from Square Enix, they’ve been received quite well, with the main caveats being the price tags and sometimes tiny in-game fonts. Prior to release, the fans were understandably concerned about the quality of the artistry the remakes would end up with, but they ended up doing pretty well. Any deficiencies in the Pixel Remasters art are preferable to the abysmally downgraded pixels of older re-releases like FFVI extensionis the remake for mobile devicesa mess I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Square Enix

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As we have already seen this year with the triumphant return of Square Enix’s ’94 Japanese RPG Live live, retro video games brought back into the public consciousness can be more fun to play than today’s cutting-edge releases. Hopefully this wasn’t just some ESRB intern making a big oopsie and, next Sunday, we’ll get real confirmation that Pixel Remasters is coming to Switch and PS4 via a new trailer or other such fanfare.

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