Google Wallet app now opens on Pixel 7, QS tile gets full card name

Google Wallet app now opens on Pixel 7, QS tile gets full card name

Google Wallet app now opens on Pixel 7, QS tile gets full card name

As detailed in October, Google changed the wallet shortcuts on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to open the app directly.

When you tap the wallet shortcut in the lower right corner of the lock screen, the full Google Wallet app now opens. This also applies to the “Wallet” Quick Settings tile, which was not previously mentioned by Google in the release notes for the October 2022 Play System updates.

Previously, there was an intermediate UI that showed a card carousel, which you could scroll through to select a payment method. That UI dates back to Android 11 cards and passes that were originally accessed by long-pressing the power button.

This change is presumably due to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro rejecting Google Pay transactions if you unlocked via face unlock instead of fingerprint or passcode. This was a problem in the beginning as this error was not accompanied by any warning message. Behind the scenes, this is because the Pixel 7’s face unlock doesn’t offer the highest level of authentication needed for something as sensitive as payments.

Once the update rolls out, accessing the Wallet widget on your lock screen will open the full Google Wallet app, presumably ensuring you’re fully authenticated to access your contactless payments.

Previous behavior

We weren’t able to do a tap-to-pay transaction to test the new behavior. In terms of speed, the Google Wallet “app,” which is really just a Play Services-powered experience, takes a bit longer to load than the older Cards & Passes interface.

Meanwhile, Google has made another change to the Wallet experience that is quite annoying. The Wallet Quick Settings tile now shows the full card name instead of just the last four digits. And yes, that full card name will scroll (once) to completion before the digits appear at the end.

This occurs every time you open Quick Settings. In my case, my card name starts with the bank and has three other words. This is quite annoying and will hopefully be fixed in a future update.

We’re seeing these new Google Wallet behaviors with Google Play services version 22.48.14 on a Pixel 7 running the December QPR1 stable build. However, the two changes may not be widely implemented yet, and they haven’t appeared on other devices we checked today.

old vs. new (scrolling)

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