S Jaishankar quotes Hillary Clinton’s “Snake” remark to Slam Pak

S Jaishankar quotes Hillary Clinton’s “Snake” remark to Slam Pak

S Jaishankar quotes Hillary Clinton’s “Snake” remark to Slam Pak

S Jaishankar said, “The threat of terrorism has become even more serious.”

United Nations:

The world sees Pakistan as the ‘epicenter’ of terrorism, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Thursday, saying the international community has not forgotten where the threat is coming from, despite more than two years of Covid-induced brain fog -19.

He made the remarks while addressing reporters at the UN Security Council ambush after chairing a signing event held under the Indian presidency of the Council on “Global Approach to Counter-Terrorism: Challenges and Way Forward”.

“In terms of what they’re saying, the truth is that everyone, the world today, sees them as the epicenter of terrorism,” he said.

“I know that we have gone through two and a half years of Covid and as a result many of us have brain fog. But I assure you that the world has not forgotten where terrorism comes from, who has fingerprints on many activities in the region and outside the region .

“So, I would say that’s something they should remind themselves of before they indulge in the kind of fantasies that they do,” she added.

Jaishankar was responding to a question about Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar’s recent claim that “no country has used terrorism better than India.”

He invoked US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who in a joint press conference in 2011 with then Pakistani Foreign Secretary Khar, said: “You can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them to only bite your neighbors.” “I have read reports of what Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said. And I was reminded, more than a decade ago, my memory serves me well. Hillary Clinton was visiting Pakistan. And Hina Rabbani Khar was a Minister at that time,” Jaishankar said. he said, answering a question about Khar’s recent statements on a dossier against India.

“Standing next to her, Hillary Clinton actually said that if you have snakes in your backyard, you can’t expect them to bite just your neighbors. Eventually, they will bite the people who keep them in the backyard. But as you know, Pakistan doesn’t he’s good at following good advice. You see what’s going on there,” she said.

Pakistan should clean up its actions and try to be a good neighbor, Jaishankar said while stressing that the world is not “stupid” and is calling more and more countries, organizations and people to indulge in terrorism.

“You know, are you asking the wrong minister when you say how long are we going to do this? Because it’s Pakistan’s ministers who will tell you how long Pakistan intends to practice terrorism,” Jaishankar said.

He was answering a question from a Pakistani journalist about how long South Asia will see the spread of terrorism from New Delhi, Kabul and Pakistan.

“At the end of the day, the world is not stupid, the world is not forgetful. And the world is calling more and more countries, organizations and people who indulge in terrorism,” he said.

“By taking that debate elsewhere, you won’t hide it. You won’t confuse anyone anymore. People understood that. So my advice is please clean up your behavior.

“Please try to contribute to what the rest of the world is trying to do today which is economic growth, progress and development,” Jaishankar said.

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