Samsung Odyssey Ark deal hits all-time low

Samsung Odyssey Ark deal hits all-time low

Samsung Odyssey Ark deal hits all-time low

Save $1000 on Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor

Updated: December 13, 2022 1:08 pm

Odyssey Ark Christmas Deals

Samsung cuts the price of its 55-inch Odyssey Ark gaming monitor in a last-minute holiday deal. The monitor will be available for $2,499 from Samsung Direct, putting it at an all-time low price.

BUY NOW: Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor: Was $3,499 now $2,499

Samsung is currently running a Christmas deals campaign called the “Discover Samsung Event,” which gives fans of the brand the opportunity to save big on one of the company’s flagship hardware products.

The event will run until December 24, offering huge savings on everything from TVs, smart fridges, wearables and more.

That said, if you’re after a high-performance gaming monitor for a futuristic setup, there’s no better time to buy the Samsung Odyssey Ark.


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Samsung Odyssey Ark mini review:

The Samsung Odyssey Ark Deal Now Available!

Since its launch in September, the Samsung Odyssey Ark has been one of the more bizarre monitors we’ve tested. In addition to a host of high-performance specs, the Samsung Ark also featured a never-before-seen 55-inch fully rotary display that looked like something out of your favorite sci-fi movie.

BUY NOW: Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor: Was $3,499 now $2,499

Thanks to the features inside, the Samsung Odyssey Ark retailed for over $3,000, making it one of the most expensive gaming monitors on the market.

Luckily, there have been a few deals on the Ark since its launch, most recently found in this year’s Black Friday event, allowing people to get a respectable price on this giant panel.

Samsung Odyssey Ark product

Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor

Screen size

55″ display

The Samsung Odyssey Ark deal reaches its lowest price of all time

Despite Black Friday being one of the biggest sales events of the year, the Samsung Odyssey Ark still hit new lows in Samsung’s holiday deals event.

For a limited time only, Samsung will offer the Odyssey Ark gaming monitor for $2,499, a staggering $1,000 savings over the current MSRP.

Is the Samsung Odyssey Ark worth it?

At its new $2,499 price point, you’d have to say the Ark is an extremely attractive prospect right now. You can snag the Ark for over $1,000 off right now, making it an extremely worthwhile investment.

At its core is an incredibly powerful 55-inch Mini LED display, driven by a 165Hz refresh rate and a short 1ms GTG response time. Performance-wise, it’s hard to beat this monitor visually.

That said, due to the size of this gigantic panel, it’s hard to recommend it to all users. That said, it’s still a real center piece and one that should definitely be on your wish list if space isn’t an issue.

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